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Shop by Battery Technology

Shop by Battery Technology

Batteries come in a variety of technologies and all have their own use for certain applications. Each technology, is best suited for the task in hand, and measured by their performance. 

Lead acid batteries are the oldest technology, used for starter batteries, or low cycling these batteries are robust and have been around for many, many years.

Lithium is the latest technology available, Lighter, quicker recharge, higher cycle life, lithium does have many advantages over the older lead style batteries. However, lithium does also have some negatives and is not always the best solution, especially when it comes to initial cost.  

Lead Carbon, is a great option for many users, fantastic life expectancy, great for being left in a discharged state, quicker recharge than lead acid, more life cycles than lead acid, and very robust, Lead carbon is a great alternative option.  

VRLA AGM, again like lead has been around for many years, tried and tested the AGM batteries deliver more life cycles than traditional flooded lead acid and will last twice as long for a little more outlay.

Unsure of what technology is best for you, please contact a member of the team on 01458 791726 or email for more information.

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