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Weight 15.3 kg
Dimensions 277 × 175 × 175 mm
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Predator PRSMF-100 12v Starter


The Predator PRSMF-100 12v starter is the perfect selection for regular automobiles with typical power. It offers hassle-free maintenance and ensures dependable power assistance for all applications. Predator batteries ensure an extended life cycle by utilizing the innovative Grid Protection Technology. By incorporating state-of-the-art materials, this technology safeguards the battery’s grid throughout its entire lifespan, consequently enhancing battery performance.

Every Predator battery is delivered pre-charged and ready for installation.


  1. Consistent initial power with X-Frame Grid Technology
  2. Grid Protection Technology guarantees a prolonged lifespan
  3. Comprehensive range available, suitable for 99% of vehicles in the market
  4. Features a sealed double lid with a frame arrestor
  5. Equipped with a Magic Eye indicator