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As one of the top manufacturers of Lithium batteries, Mr Batteries Ltd are proud to be a partner with Poweroad. POWEROAD has been always and will be one of the pioneers of lithium-based integration, and only deliver high-quality products and solutions.

POWEROAD are a professional lithium-ion battery-based green power solution provider since 2001. With in-depth battery industry know-how, POWEROAD can deliver lithium-ion batteries powering a long list of applications from daily activities to crucial power support by drop-in replacement or custom solutions

We intend to stock POWEROAD lithium products from 100ah -300ah, starting with the Base range through to the professional High-Rate ranges for specialist high-rate projects.


    • Lithium Motorcycle Starting Battery
    • Lithium Battery Pack
    • RV Power Source
    • Battery Cell Modification
    • Battery Energy Storage System(BESS)

Poweroad Battery Data Sheets

Poweroad Battery Data and Technical Information

Download your Poweroad 12v Lithium Ion Battery Data Sheets below: